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Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers

Because your order contains a firearm, there are a few additional steps we need to complete during the checkout process.

We have made the online purchasing of a firearm a simple process that only requires you to enter the FFL location that you wish the firearm to be picked up from. 

To select a FFL pickup location, please enter a city, state or zip code to obtain a list of available FFL locations in this area. Adjust the search mile radius to view more available locations.

If for some reason you cannot see your preferred FFL location you can manually enter the FFL location and license details.  

As a final step, if we have not already shipped to your selected FFL location you will need to upload a scanned image of their FFL license. 

Although firearm transfer fees will vary greatly by region and dealer, average transfer fees range from $25 to $50 dollars. 

Unless you are using a FFL location with a published transfer rate, you will need to contact your local dealer to arrange the transfer and verify their rates. 

If you cannot obtain a copy we will follow-up with them to obtain a copy. Please note this will delay the shipment of your firearm order while we obtain this information.

We will confirm with your selected FFL location that they will accept the pickup prior to shipment. If needed we will contact you to arrange a different pickup location. 

As a final step please review and accept the terms and conditions associated with your firearm purchase.

Choose from our Database of FFLs

Add your own FFL

Upload an FFL Image

Please provide a picture of the license for the FFL you would like to deliver your order to (the business can provide you with this).